Yes that's me laying on the sand photographing a sunset portrait at LaJolla beach.  My hubby took this shot :)


  • Leads-  Melissa Jewel & Johnny are the lead photographers which means you know exactly whom with you will be working.  Yes, a second photographer comes along with us but one of us will be your lead photographer.

  • Education-  Melissa has a photography degree & is a college level photography educator.  Johnny has earned a college photography certificate.

  • Experience- Together Melissa & Johnny have over 20 years of photography experience.

  • Images-  We take personal care in editing your photos and believe that is part of the art.  


JEWEL JOY-   “Melissa!!! I don't know what to say! These are absolutely incredible!! You seriously have a gift! You were so amazing I can't believe how great these turned out, I can't stop looking at them! Thank you so much for all your hard work! You completely exceeded our expectations! Thank you again!!! Ashley & Adam” 


TWO most important things to remember on your wedding day is: 

1.  Arrive on time-  Your wedding day will be a whirl wind.  It is vital that we take as many photos before your ceremony which include: Getting ready shots for both bride & groom, bride immediate family, groom immediate family, Bride with Bridesmaids, Groom with Groomsmen & Pre- ceremony detail shots.  Whew!...thats a lot of photos and the ceremony hasn't even started yet.    If you arrive late then most of these shots will be taken after the ceremony and I'm sure you want to join the cocktail party at some point.  Please don't cut yourself short.  BTW- Everything always works out!

2.  Spray your hair-  I want you to feel CONFIDENT and not worried that your hair is a mess.  I promise you that some type of weather element will effect your hair so please SPRAY your hair as advised below:

1.  I suggest CHI helmet head hairspray.  (It comes in a red bottle & most likely found at JC Penny hair salons or beauty stores.)

2.  Once styled give a distant global spray.  Careful not to spray too close or it will show a wet spot all day!

3.  Wait 10 minutes, shake your head to find lose hair and spray again. 

4.  Repeat step 3 two or three more times.  


I use CHI helmet head when I photograph weddings and often times my curls & style stays in better then the Bride because I use the process above.  


Engagement sessions

Held in Murrieta or Temecula area on weekday only. Up to 50 high resolution, color corrected images delivered in 3 weeks.  490.00

Best time of day for engagement session is:  Winter & Fall at 3:00 pm;  Spring at 5:30 pm;  Summer at 6:00 pm.  Please be on time as sessions are scheduled for optimal lighting an hour before the sun sets. 

                                                     See JEWEL GALLERIES for samples of engagement photos.

Murrieta & Temecula Location Suggestions:  (see JEWEL GALLERIES to check out imgaes from sites listed below)

1) Humphrey's Estate -Lush greenery, flowers, bridge, arches, pathways & trees.  This is a wedding venue so best time would be a weekday.   (Reservation made by photographer & cash donation to cancer society required by venue from client)

2) Lake Oak Meadows-  Small lake & dock with greenery & vineyard .This is a wedding venue so best time would be a weekday.   (Reservation made by photographer)

3) Glen Arbor Park-  Large woods with mature trees and grassy areas.  Beautiful in the Fall with changing colors.  Nice and green during Spring & Summer. (This is a dog park so be prepared to be greeted by four legged friends!)

4) Old town Temecula - Lots of textured walls as backgrounds and beautiful bridge.